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Is It Better to Search Google or Type a URL? A Comparison

Are you confused about whether to search Google or type the entire URL? There are many who are unable to understand which is the better approach to how to search on Google. This is when Omnibox comes into the spotlight. It is certainly one of the most exciting features of Google Chrome. Using this feature, one can either type or search Google as well. But the question still remains which way to go.

With the help of Omnibox, you don’t have to go anywhere when it comes search Google or type a URL. All of it can be done at once. But the debate is about which approach can be more beneficial. Here in this post, we have all the answers sorted for you. Let’s begin with the same.

Omnibox: What Makes It Exciting?

As specified above, Omniboxes is a kind of address bar that comes along with a web browser. It can be considered for different purposes to search or type web address. In Google Chrome, this attribute also helps in answering different questions, and in fact, not many know about it, but it helps in mathematical calculations as well. How good is that?

The best part is that it provides the convenience of whether to search or type URL. However, it has been seen that many users are preferring to type the entire address. Is that the way to go? Let’s understand both the approaches below to help you have clarity about the same.

Search Google or Type a URL: An Overview

When it comes to Search Google or type a URL, it is basically a suggestion that you might acknowledge in the web browser. It is written on the address or, as suggested above, Omnibox. It is basically the app stating you can either search Google to find what you are looking for or directly type a URL.

If you are thinking how both the prospects are different, below we have highlighted the uses of the same. Read on and make your own choice when you are confused in terms of how to search on Google.

Search Option: How Does It Help?

search or type URL
We all know how search engine options make it easier to look for information. With a tap of a button, you get the desired information hassle-free, and that too with no limit. This means you can do it the whole day and get all the information you need.

You just need to type the keyword of the phrase that defines the aspect that you are looking for, and the search bar will bring the options for you to match the closes. It can be anything. You just need to specify in terms of keywords what you are looking for.

‘Type a URL’ Option: How It Helps?

search or type web address

Now that you are clear about how the Search option assists, let’s discuss the other one. We all know how things have become easier with search options. In a matter of one click, you get all the details. But if you know the URL, why go for the headache of search, right? Here, you just need to type the URL directly.

If the site is healthy and running, you go directly to it without any extra effort of searching. There is a possibility that when you go for the Search option, you might not even get the desired result. But, with the direct URL option, you are going to land on the site where you desire to.

Which Option To Consider?

Hopefully, now you are clear on the differences between the two. If you are asking which option is more effective in terms of searching Google or typing a URL, then it completely depends on the details you have. If you do not have the URL that you would like to go to, it is important that you consider the search option. You just need to type the keywords close to the desired destiny. Suppose you desire to go to the painting company website, then you can write the painting company name or just the painting company in the respective location. It can help you reach closer to it.

But, if you have the URL of the respective Destiny, then you can certainly go for the Type URL option. It will help you land directly on the website that you would like to go. It eventually kills all the time, including search. So, hopefully, you got all the clarity on which way to when it comes to how to search on Google. Good luck!

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