What Is OEM In Digital Marketing?

One thing you will find in common in all winning businesses is the thrust on personal branding. Your business will taste success or failure, entirely depending on how impactful is your online presence or personal branding. In today’s digital world, how you project your brand decides the game for you- if you do it righteously it will help else ruin your brand. Strategic implementation of OEM in digital marketing can flood organic sales and boost your profitability beyond imagination.

Overview of OEM Marketing and Importance of OEM in Digital Marketing

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is a term typically used for a company that manufactures goods that are used as components in more complex products built by another company. So OEM focuses on B2B i.e business to business sales. And, digital marketing is not just selling a product or a service, it acts as a bridge between a business and its potential customers using various digital platforms.

So, the key here is “Targeted Marketing”, not as a general principle course. However, rather than generalizing your products, you can ensure a higher ROI and personal brand if you create solutions to specific client problems.

With the merger of the concepts of OEM advertising, the results can be magical-

  • Understand your target audience’s pain points, challenges, and goals to help you engage new clients.
  • Making rigorous efforts to generate high-quality leads by sending cold emails, a courtesy thank-you call, or going live at times can also be helpful.
  • Almost 95% of visitors to your website are anonymous. You can turn them into qualified leads by giving them personalized service. So, always collect information from the visitor so that you can nurture your relationship with them.
    Through our journey, we will take a closer look at the strategizes to drive more organic inbound leads than can help you to grow exponentially.

Let us get started.

Step 1- Implement SEO Techniques To Optimize Your Website For Increasing Your Organic Visibility

Relate to the best performing competing for website and try to figure out what makes the scale higher performance in SERP. Do a site audit and analyze which page of their website is contributing to high traffic.

Find out which mistake of yours is pulling you down in this race-

  • Poor Quality Content
  • Improper Backlinks
  • Keyword Cannibalization

Step 2- Prepare an Effective Content Strategy

Go for the best-proven method of Keyword gap analysis to find out those keywords that lead to higher traffic to your competitor’s website. Then, using that keyword formulate your content strategy using the best SEO tools. You can fill that gap by creating fresh content or revamping your existing content using organic keywords you discovered. Try to deliver some value through your content, only then you can keep the readers glued to your website.

Step 3- Learn More About Your Visitor And Establish A Strong Connection With Them
Every buyer is an inquisitive information-seeker when he visits the site first time. It all depends on how effective your measures motivate a visitor to be a buyer, whether through appealing UI/UX features on your site or relevant content. You may consider providing some free e-books or a manual helpful to the visitor to encourage them to fill in basic info. Using the information gathered for cold emailing or courtesy calls is a synonym for OEM in Digital Marketing.

Step 4- Make Your Pages/ Website Mobile-Friendly and Rework Technical SEO Aspects

According to recent studies, mobile applications account for nearly 50% of your website traffic. So, update your page speed, use rich snippets, use the right meta descriptions, and H1 and H2 tags and make your website user-friendly. Make the visitor experience a visual treat by spicing up your bland content with infographics, charts, data, etc. This is a simple yet effective way to use OEM in Digital Marketing.

Step 5- Use Digital Public Relations (PR) Strategies To Build Backlinks To Improve on SERP

Most businesses find building authority backlinks as their biggest challenge. Digital PR strategies can help you drive referral traffic to your website, create social engagement, and build your brand image. Remove the toxic backlinks that may be working as a negative SEO tool for you and create content that resonates with your business values.

Why OEM Marketing is The Reprive We Need Right Now?

The success of your OEM Marketing is heavily reliant on product awareness as well as customer loyalty and trust. Before you get started, pause for a while and find answers to

What intrinsic value your business offers?

How do you provide solutions to your customer’s problems?

What is the USP of your product that attracts your customers?

Make your message engaging, loud, and clear. You can stand out only when you have the power to inspire trust in your customers. Build strong brand equity with your relatable customer-centric content that provides value to your target clients.

The Essential Dimensions of an OEM Marketing Strategy

With competition becoming fiercer by the day, if you do not engage time and resources in developing a winning marketing strategy, you will screw up. Research suggests that only about 20% of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) work to build a cohesive marketing strategy.

Elements of a result-oriented OEM Marketing strategy are-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be part of your marketing strategy.
  • A regular website updation regime with industry-relevant keywords and valuable content.
  • Email Marketing is also an essential part of your OEM strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing

Adopt a value-driven Inbound Marketing Strategy to accelerate your ROI organically. Inbound Marketing Strategy is all about offering something that provides intrinsic value to your prospective clients. This is highly effective as it helps OEMs to showcase their expertise without emerging as direct and pushy to your leads.

Assume you only create content to provide valuable input into how a specific manufactured part can assist you in getting to grips with a specific client pain point.

With the right OEM Marketing strategies in place, you can generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) as you provide specific answers to their problems. Instead of waiting for the target client to drop in, you make the first move. Reach out with your solutions to places where your target client spends the most time to drive more leads to the pipeline.

KPIs Used in OEM Advertising 

oem digital marketing

Advertising is unquestionably the most effective tool for an OEM to increase product awareness. But, the biggest challenge for an OEM is actively monitoring the results and determining the impact of advertising on sales. Though your findings will be entirely dependent on which KPI metrics you track. A myriad of KPIs can be used to measure advertising performance, optimize campaign outcomes, and integrate key stakeholders in measuring progress.

Below are a few advertising KPIs that cover all stages of the customer funnel-

Return on ADs Spend (ROAS)

One of the most critical metrics for an OEM to keep an eye on. ROAS tells you how impactful your campaigns are in generating profits for you. You will also learn which aspects of the campaign are not striking a chord with the client. So, the key is to focus on maintaining your operating profits.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Conversion, and Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost Per Acquisition and Cost Per Conversion is popular Google Ads metrics whereas Cost Per Action is a Facebook metric. They are used interchangeably and are indicators of your Return on Investment *(ROI). They give you an insight into the financial impact of your campaign. It is generally monitored on daily basis to find out any positive outcome of the changes made. Assessing the CPC allows businesses to evaluate the cost of converting a potential lead o a customer. You must devise the right strategies to keep your cost of conversion to a minimum.

Other KPIs that cover all the stages of the customer funnel include

  • Website Conversions
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
  • Impressions and Cost Per Thousand Impressions
  • (CPM)
  • Quality Score and Relevance Score

Key Takeaways

With these simple techniques of infusing OEM in Digital Marketing, you can achieve your desired results with minimalist efforts. Stay Consumer-focused and target your efforts to attain customer delight. If you do so, your business growth will be unstoppable and the rest will be history.

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Frequently Asked Question about OEM

How to make your OEM faster and smarter in 90 days with digital transformation?

Digital transformation can drastically improve a business or organization's operational efficiency and performance in a short period of time. To make your OEM faster and smarter in 90 days with digital transformation, you'll need to focus on four key areas: customer experience, data-driven decision making, process optimization, and technology integration. By leveraging customer insights, utilizing analytics to inform decisions, streamlining processes with automation tools such as AI and robotics, and building out a connected ecosystem of technologies that share data across the enterprise - you can quickly transform your business operations while improving customer satisfaction. In addition to these elements of digital transformation, it’s crucial to keep developing new strategies as customer needs evolve over time. Doing so will ensure your OEM remains at the cutting edge of today’s digital landscape.

What Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company whose products are used as components in the manufacture of another company’s end product. OEMs provide components, parts, and equipment that other companies use to assemble, brand and distribute as their own. Additionally, they also supply aftermarket products such as replacement parts, accessories and software updates. For example, an automobile manufacturer may purchase engines from an OEM, which then installs them into cars that the auto manufacturer sells. Oftentimes OEMs specialize in a particular sector or product type and work with many different companies to provide components for different products. It is important to note that OEMs only produce components of a product and not the finished product itself.

What is OEM advertising?

OEM marketing, or Original Equipment Manufacturer marketing, is a type of advertising that targets the original producer and designer of a product or service. It is focused on selling directly to the original manufacturer, instead of selling through retail outlets or other businesses. OEM marketing aims to promote and strengthen the relationships between the manufacturer, their products and/or services to their target customers. They use advertising material such as print and online media, direct mail campaigns, website design, tradeshow displays and more in order to reach out and inform potential customers about their products. This helps create brand loyalty amongst customers who already have an established relationship with the manufacturing company. Furthermore, it allows the company to stay ahead of competitors by being aware of new technology available in their industry.

What are the Key elements of an OEM marketing strategy?

OEM marketing strategy is a key element of successful business. To create an effective OEM marketing strategy, marketers must be proficient in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), email marketing and other B2B strategies. The best way to optimize the search results is to focus on organic search results, as these are much more likely to bring potential customers to your website. Through SEO optimization, the marketer can increase their chances of appearing on the first page of Google and other search engines, which will work best for their business. Furthermore, they should make use of keywords that are relevant to their products and services and include case studies as part of their strategy. Additionally, Google Ads can help with getting visibility as well as targeting potential customers by displaying ads in the search engine’s space. All these elements combined make up an effective OEM marketing strategy that can help increase traffic and conversions for any company looking to succeed in today’s competitive markets.

Can you share 5 Successful Approaches to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers?

Digital marketing is an essential tool for manufacturers in today’s competitive business environment. There are a variety of successful approaches to digital marketing that manufacturers can utilize, such as leveraging social media channels, creating content for search engine optimization (SEO), using video and animation marketing strategies, optimizing campaigns for mobile devices, and developing strategies around customer experience. By utilizing each of these methods effectively, manufacturers can boost their online presence and make sure their products reach the right audiences. Additionally, they will gain a greater understanding of what works best for driving traffic to their website and increase their chances of success.