Refund Policy

Egadgetportal Refund Policy

We have provided a money-back guarantee for some of the services, which is valid in certain circumstances. 

Before the work begins, clear requirements are agreed upon by the client. This gives a clear understanding of the commitment expected. Which shall be used in case of any dispute.

No refund will be processed, once services are received and accepted by the client.

There is no policy of partial refund after the payment and delivery of services

SEO Refund Policy

If ranking for a keyword (s) has been guaranteed by us and we fail to deliver the same, after the number of months, we demanded to get the site ranked, you are eligible for a 100% refund.

Advertisement / Lead Generation / PPC / SEM

If the goals set during the agreements are not met by our services, you are eligible to get a partial refund. A partial refund will be proportional to the gap between the desired metric goal and the actual metric goal. Refund will not include any expense covered to pay any third party. Only service charges paid to Egadgetportal is eligible to be refunded.