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We are a specialized and affordable Digital Marketing Company in Delhi From Google’s algorithms to consumer psychology, all the service your company needs is a part of our Digital Marketing strategy.

E-Commerce SEO

Get your website and product optimised to appear in search results, when user search any related product.

Enterprise SEO

Maintain and boost your online presence with our customisable SEO services to increase revenue.

Local SEO

Increase the foot-fall and revenue in your local business by our expertise in local SEO

Copywriting SEO

Increase your conversion by promoting your product and services by Copywriting SEO services

App Store SEO

Get you mobile applications to rank higher in app stores.

Pay Per Click

We make sure you reach your targeted customers with our research-based, data-driven and result-oriented PPC service.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process or science of making your web page visible to google and rank higher in Google search results.
Google crawlers are bots who crawl web pages, capturing content and putting them on index with respect to the keyword searched by Google.

Google keeps its algorithms updated to understand and rank websites and avoid unfair practices and ranking methods.

Importance of SEO

  • It boosts traffic.
  • Decrease cost per acquisition.
  • Make brand more visible.
  • Build social profile.
  • Increase click-through rate.
  • Make more conversion.
  • Beat your competitors.
  • Provides High return on investment.
  • Rank higher in rankings.
  • Increase conversion rate.

Best SEO Company in Delhi - Offered Services

If your website is not in search results, we make it visible. If it is visible, we make it appear at top positions. Egadgetportal takes care of your keywords, ranking, penalty and conversions. Our SEO packages  make sure

Business Analytics

To work with visualization and aggregation of data across multiple sources. And provide better insights

Link Building

You get links from related nice website and increase your authority

Content Development

A proper content structure is maintained in your website, which contains keywords, promotes your business, and provides value to the readers.

Targeted keywords

A lot of keywords are searched and have heavy competition, we target the right keywords and rank your web page for them.

Analysis & Reporting

You can measure the tangible results from our SEO services.

Website Structure

The website is penetrable, explorable, every page in your website can be explored easily.

Keyword Mapping

Keywords are created, every web page in your website targets a set of keywords and is understandable to the Google Bots.

Why is Egadgetportal the Best SEO Services Company in Delhi

A lot of SEO companies in Delhi and Dehradun make you pay for their fixed plan, irrespective of your situation, with our guaranteed SEO results. We provide the most exquisite and cost-effective solution for your SEO campaign.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO Services?

Every second around 7000 searches are performed in Google. There are a lot of web pages addressing the keyword searched by the user. Even with the same intent, users type different keywords. Sounds complex? Don’t worry we have made it simple. Here are the reasons why you need SEO services by Egadgetportal.


Targeting the right audience is a difficult task. We understand the intent of user, filter, and target the right audience for your maximum revenue


Algorithms of Google are changing daily. You need the best SEO services company to understand it.

First Page

You need your website to rank in the first of search results. 90% of users visit only websites appearing on the first page.

Google Crawlers

You need to make your website's structure in a way that it's understandable to Google crawlers.


Your content needs to contain the right keywords and solve the queries of users. Our SEO agency makes sure every part of your content is optimized.

How Egadgetportal Optimize Your Website for Ranking

Egadgetportal SEO service ensures all penalties and makes you a favorite for Google and users. Our approach is data-driven and well researched. Here is our step-by-step approach to optimizing the website.

Present Situation

We analyse the existing situation of the client's website after getting hired.

Technical Optimization

It is made sure that the website is friendly to Google's algorithm and crawlers. Pages are mapped and linked properly.

Past Work

We take inquiries about all past work done by SEO experts or SEO service agencies done on your website for best understanding.

Removing Penalties

We remove all the SEO mistakes and penalties if they exist.

Keyword Research

We research keywords suitable and worth targeting for you.

On-Site Optimization

Title, meta description, heading, everything on the website is optimised.

Report & Analysis

Content, linking structure, links from other platforms, etc are checked and optimised.

What SEO Campaign Can Do for Your Business?

What all changes you can expect after investing in an SEO company in Delhi, here is a list of a few

Bring Traffic

More users visiting your website through our web page optimization techniques.

Bring Sales

We make sure to design website, which has much more chances to make sales

Rank Higher

Your website will rank higher for targeted keywords

Build Brand Awareness

Your brand and business will be more visible to the audience

Gain Trust & Reputation

Your business will gain trust and reputation in your respective niche, and get acknowledged by Google.

Why Does Your Business Need Egadgetportal's SEO Services in Delhi?

We bring your business along with your website to a new height.

Is Your Website Under Penalty?

When you or any other seo service agency tries to optimize a web page by the wrong means or over-optimize the page by trying to use keywords unnecessarily it leads to penalties by Google.

You need an SEO expert to identify the penalty and remove it. Without removing the penalty, your website will not crank at all.

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We’re very satisfied with the results. Egadgetportal has improved our user count and visitor times. We’ve gotten an increase in users of 40% in two months. In addition to that, we are first-place ranking for some keywords. Egadgetportal is Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

Read Most Frequent Asked Questions

What is a penalty by Google?

When websites use unfair techniques to get rankings and repeat keywords without any context, google finds it suspicious and avoid ranking it’s pages. This is called penalty by Google.

What is Technical SEO?

It deals in the optimization of the Website in a way, google crawlers can read and index your website effectively. It also includes user convenience and interface in your website.

How do I Hire an SEO Agency in Delhi?

Just contact us at the given links, or fill the form out the form for the best SEO services in Delhi.

What are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are phrases that users type in Google’s search bar. Google shows web pages most relevant to the keyword in the search results.

Why is organic SEO Important?

Organic SEO ensures traffic to your website. Paid traffic can be very expensive and lead to a poor return on investment. A good organic rank uplifts the reputation and trust of your website.

Is SEO good for start-ups?

SEO is a must for all startups, it ensures your incoming in the industries. It’s important to get traffic and conversion from the start of your website.

How much do I pay for SEO?

It depends on the current situation of your website and the penalties you are facing. Egadgetportal’s SEO Services Company makes sure that you don’t get trapped in fixed-price SEO services in Delhi by providing customizable and best SEO services in Delhi.

How much time will it take to get visible results with SEO services?

SEO companies in Delhi claim that it takes 6 months to get results from SEO services. But Egadgetportal’s SEO services provide faster results in SEO services with results within 3 months in most cases.

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