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Egadgetportal offers cost-effective Google Ads management PPC Services in Delhi for every kind of business. We assist you in managing Google advertising as well as budget planning. We are one of the reliable Google advertising companies in Delhi that assist businesses to take hold of their positions at the top of Google search via our Google Ads Management Company.

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We can help boost your brand at every stage, no matter what kind of business you have. We offer the best and most reliable services to all our B2C and B2B clients at budget-friendly pricing. With our rich expertise and years of experience, we provide outcome-driven Google Ads management services to increase your online visibility promptly. Meanwhile, as the means of modern business advertising evolve, our Google Ads Management Company ensures maximum lead generation and better ROI.

So, if you are looking to take your company to the next level, our PPC expert in delhi can help you increase visibility, boost conversions, and rank at the top of search results. Keep reading to learn about “Pricing Plans for PPC Campaigns for Small Businesses.”

Get a PPC Company In Delhi For Quick Results and Better ROI

A PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement is the fastest and best way to get relevant leads for your business. When you begin online marketing, and your ads appear in front of your target audience on Google, your chances of obtaining leads increase.

To run a PPC campaign, you need a landing page or website where the audience can land after clicking on the specific ads. Additionally, Pay Per Click marketing costs a little bit higher than other online marketing methods, but PPC gives fast results. If the visitor clicks on your ad, you will be charged.

EgadgetPortal offers budget-friendly yet potent PPC services in Delhi, India, for every kind of business, whether small or large-scale. Our team of experienced professionals keeps monitoring the campaigns and results in your ads are achieving and takes necessary actions during ad optimizations to improve ROI. When you partner with EgadgetPortal for PPC Management Services, you get high-quality and effective PPC strategies to beat your competitors.

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We provide excellent PPC services at an affordable price for your business. Since the advent of digitization, competition has nearly doubled. As a result, if you are not using a PPC service, you will absolutely have a difficult time increasing your sales. Here, we are presenting Top-Notch PPC service in Delhi.

Display Ads

To attract customers, we create niche-specific banner ads, pictures, and other materials. Our team of ppc experts believes that a well-targeted audience will produce amazing results, which ultimately will help to build brand awareness.

Search Ads

Take advantage of the best PPC service to get quick results with top advertising and to establish brand recognition on Google. Our best PPC service in Delhi can maximize your ROI from the search ads.


If you want to drive more customers back to your product or website, you've landed at the perfect PPC agency in Delhi. Our innovative remarketing technique may help you to bring more clients.

Product Listing Ads

PLA is an excellent strategy to acquire new clients and increase revenue. Product listing advertising helps you promote your product quickly on the Google search engine.

Social Media Advertisement

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, one of the most effective ways to target your clients is through social media.

Mobile Advertisement

Mobile advertisement is about getting your advertisement in front of the right people at the right time, on their mobile devices. Take advantage of this exciting new advertising channel.

Check out What Egadgetportal's PPC Service in Delhi, India Offers?

Check out our PPC Service in Delhi, India. Egadgetportal offers various PPC services for every type of business. We follow a result-oriented strategy for your business. Our PPC Services include:

A Dedicated Account Manager

With Egadgetportal, you will meet with a dedicated account manager who will develop a campaign tailored to your business requirements. They will help you with reaching the relevant audience and choose suitable keywords. All of this is possible to ensure that your ads show up to the relevant audience and result in better conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is acute when running PPC ads to measure the campaign impact. The extremely acclaimed tracking tool for conversions from Egadgetportal ensures you recognize specifically how many leads or sales your campaign generates.

Account Setup

If the account is properly set up and managed, then PPC campaigns can be very effective. Experts in PPC will effectively and swiftly set up your account, and its results will be seen instantly.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are a crucial part of any PPC campaign. To reach your relevant audience, you must show up on the channels they use the most. And the most commonly used device by people is the mobile phone. At Egadgetportal, we know the necessity of mobile advertising. Therefore, our PPC service package includes mobile ads too.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is also a part of our PPC campaigns. We provide a keyword research service to assist you in determining the most effective keywords for your business. Choose the keywords that better define your business nature, and you will have a better chance of getting more sales or leads. We use different kinds of techniques and tools to find relevant keywords.

Progress Reports

We always keep our clients up to date with our work progress. Therefore, we share regular progress reports with our clients that describe the complete PPC campaign progress. Other reports include cost-per-click, conversion rates, click-through rates, and so on. The progress report not only helps the client to know the progress but also helps us make necessary changes to get more relevant outcomes.

Ad Campaign Copywriting

At Egadgetportal, we also offer ad campaign copywriting services to create ads that create conversions and clicks. We will work with our clients to understand their business nature and target market before making an ad campaign copy that connects with the relevant audience and defines your USP. Also, we consider ROI.

Campaign Management

Our PPC service company includes campaign management to get the most out of your efforts. We will help you to find the appropriate keywords and set up and manage your ads on the most popular advertising channels. Moreover, we will keep an eye on the running campaigns’ results and offer you regular reports so you can check how they are working.

What Makes Egadgetportal The Best PPC Expert In Delhi, India?

PPC services include strategies and methods for driving conversions and traffic for your business. There are numerous ways to drive conversion and traffic for your business, from paid ads to content development.

When running PPC campaigns for your business, they should be broken down into various effective, paid, and unpaid strategies. Therefore, understanding the strategies’ pros and cons will be crucial for knowing which will work best for your business and assist you in achieving the best from your resources and spending.

PPC campaigns are paid methods that sit within several brands’ marketing strategies. See why egadgetportal is the right choice for PPC services.

Budget Control

There is no need to invest any amount to create a Google Ads account or manage a campaign. When you start running ads on Google, you have complete control of your budget, as you can increase and decrease as per your requirements or your PPC budget.


As per the performance of your PPC ad campaign, you can change the scalability of ads. You can adjust the scalability to control the cost per click and improve the results of your top-performing ads.


Using an analytical tool, you can comprehensively analyze Google ads’ success. You can also define the click rate on your ad campaign, the audience that clicked on ads, and so on.


Users with a specific goal are more likely to use Google. Thus, it offers a platform that makes you connected to relevant users via online marketing.

An Affordable PPC Agency In Delhi

Our PPC services cost category helps us to provide outcomes that match our client’s expectations with the use of PPC services.
Our Google ad services pricing includes different companies. Our PPC package ensures that our clients get the best outcomes and achieve their desired goals. Continue reading to know how our PPC service package will assist you in making a proper strategy for marketing in a very cost-effective way.

No Long-Term Contracts

We understand that time changes anytime, and you require flexibility as a new or small business. Therefore, we never tie our clients into any kind of contract. If any client wishes to terminate the project, take a break. No problem! Give us prior notice of 31 days, and we can wrap things up for you, and you are free to go.

Fast & Friendly PPC Support

Please be relaxed, as our team of PPC experts will work fast to resolve any questions or technical issues you may have. So, we are committed to ensuring that you will experience fast and friendly PPC support if you use our PPC company.

Proven Work Methodology

Our PPC expert in delhi use a methodology that is working and effective, business-specific, and has a positive track record. In addition, PPC campaigns at Egadgetportal are created and monitored by an expert team and are guaranteed to reach out to relevant users and achieve the desired results.

Cross-Industry Experience

Egadgetportal is the top PPC services company for every kind of business that is trying to improve the reach and effectiveness of their client’s businesses. We have several business experts and know how each business style can help you reach your corporate target.

Diligently Working With Google

We are proud to provide PPC services that comply with the guidelines of Google. Also, we work thoroughly with the Google support team to ensure that campaigns run error-free.

Is Egadgetportal A Good Option For PPC Services In Delhi?

We offer what is right for our client’s businesses. The day we start work on the PPC campaign, you will see the PPC campaign benefits immediately. Our PPC ads grow your business and establish a strong place in the search engine. A PPC expert who is experienced in managing PPC campaigns will monitor and manage your campaigns.

Choosing the right PPC campaign can be difficult, but we have a variety of PPC campaigns that will help you understand what we offer and what benefits you want from PPC services. Also, we ensure better outcomes and better values.

You Will Not Regret Choosing EgadgetPortal For The Best PPC Service In Delhi, India!

At egadgetportal, we provide entirely managed PPC marketing for businesses. Our PPC service includes amazing features and has an effective approach that makes us the most reliable PPC company in Delhi. We mentioned some result-oriented strategies in the following section:

• A comprehensive analysis of the site
• Keyword research is performed.
• Bid Management
• Develop monthly progress reports.
• Display and search ad implementation, and many more.

Facebook Ads Advertising

To get proper engagement from the audience, you need to use the most popular advertisement platform. Facebook ads are the best method to reach a relevant audience where they are spending a lot of time. At EgadgetPortal, we are Facebook Ads experts and can help you create the right campaign to get positive leads and help spread your business.

Instagram Ads Advertising

If you want to improve your page traffic, you might need to consider Instagram ads. Instagram is the third most used platform after YouTube and Facebook. So, it is the best way to reach a relevant audience. At EgadgetPortal, our expert team can create outstanding visuals that engage users and drive outcomes. Meanwhile, we will help you create Instagram ad campaigns that suit your business budget and goals.

Linkedin Ads Advertising

Linkedin is another tremendous source to reach customers as it has millions of active users. But LinkedIn is quite challenging to use compared to any other social media platform. But, EgadgetPortal is here to play. We offer LinkedIn ads to simply and quickly reach your potential customers. You can also create a campaign with our expert team, who will assist you in achieving your goals through their strategies.

Bing Ads Advertising

Do you continuously try to engage more people on your site? EgadgetPortal provides Bing Ads, another interesting way to engage users and get better results. You might target users by using Bing ads, which permit you to do so as per their keywords, interests, and location. Furthermore, our experts will help you develop and execute an ad that will get the desired results.

Pricing Plans For PPC Management Campaigns For Small Businesses

If you are a new brand in the online market, you must wait a long to get your first relevant lead from search engines. If you need instant business results, you must pick the right PPC company. However, always go for PPC Pay Per Click professionals in online marketing. So many PPC experts follow flop strategies, and your efforts and money will be wasted. At EgadgetPortal, we have a certified professional team with years of experience in managing PPC campaigns for global clients.

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Read Most Frequent Asked Questions

Is a PPC service worthwhile for my company?

Your company will rank at the top of search results if you invest in a pay per click advertising agency . In this manner, you’ll only receive potential consumers. The primary advantages are that PPC campaigns price only per click, which means you’ll only pay for people who are interested in your services.

What criteria do we use to select keywords for PPC marketing campaigns?

The most vital task is to select the best keywords for your ad campaigns. As a result, we identify keywords using premium tools such as Adwords keyword planner.

Is a PPC service costly?

It may appear to be costly, but it is not! Excellent management and detailed mapping can help you maximize your return on investment and sales. However, if the management is inefficient, the PPC service will be costly. That is why our clients trust us with their PPC campaigns.

How can I determine the effectiveness of my PPC campaigns?

The Click-through Rate, which is computed by dividing total clicks by impressions, is one way to measure it.

Where will my business advertisement appear?

The sort of ads you choose, such as Google ads, display ads, social media ads, banner ads, Google Shopping, and mobile ads, the ads appear on social media channels, mobile apps, and websites.