How To Drop A Pin in Google Maps

How To Drop A Pin in Google Maps (Desktop & Mobile)

One of the most popular navigation applications that helps us in our daily lives is called Google Maps. When going to a different place or just walking in town, this map might guide you to the perfect way, close-by entertainment centre as well as areas where you could shop or have a meal. Perhaps one of the key benefits that Google Maps offers is the possibility of dropping a pin on a particular position, which allows one to store one’s favourite points of interest as well as planning a journey and sharing the position with friends.

In this post we cover how to drop a pin in Google Maps using both desktops and mobiles. So, learn how to drop a pin on your device– desktop or mobile, in order to explore anywhere around the globe. So, let’s get started!

What It Is All About

Using the desktop or mobile versions of the app, dropping a pin on Google Maps is easy in just a few simple steps. You can also drop a pin at any location on the map to obtain a more detailed description of that place, including its address, review rating and other details.

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Not only is it useful for personal use, but it also has a significant impact on promoting local marketing within a business. Having an exceptional Google Maps business listing is essential as one of the most used tools used to search for directions, information and reviews when seeking any particular service or establishment. There are various ways to improve your business’s online presence and bring in more walk-in clients; one such way is to enlist a reliable agency that provides Google Maps marketing services.

Using this feature may improve the positioning of your business in search results and enable more people to familiarize themselves with your company, including its working hours, feedback from customers, and photographs. This service will make your small or medium-sized enterprise more visible.

But the question is how it can be done. We have all the answers sorted below:
Drop a Pin on Google Maps – Desktop Version

Below are the steps that you must consider following if you are thinking how to Drop a Pin on Google Maps. Check it out now:

#Step 1: Click on “Get directions” in the left sidebar, enter your destination on Google Maps, and press enter.

#Step 2: Right-click on the place you choose to mark on the map.

#Step 3: Click on “Drop a pin” in the list presented.

#Step 4: When you select your desired location, the map will zoom into it with a red pin to appear.

#Step 5: Clicking on the pin shows you more info on the location as well as the address.
#Step 6: Just right-click the pin, and the ‘Save’ button will appear. Pin it to a list that already exists, or alternatively, to a brand new one.

Hopefully now you are clear with the steps to follow on how to drop pin on desktop version. Let’s now jump to mobile version right away.

Drop a Pin on Google Maps – Mobile Version:

Similarly, using Google Maps for mobile, one can just drop a pin on it with just a few steps that are as easy as using it on a desktop. Here’s how:

Step 1: Press this link on your phone or tablet: google map.

Step 2: When you see a red pin, press your finger there.

Step 3: The pin must be dropped at exactly where you want to mark it on the map.

Step 4: When you have the pin in the right place, hit it to open the card of the address and related data.

Step 5: Tap the pin to reveal options, including ‘save’ when you see it. Pin the email address to an existing list or create a new one.

Final Thoughts

So, Google Maps is a highly flexible instrument for exploring the world and discovering new regions. The users will be able to add their own favourite places as ‘pins’ to create personalized maps that could be shared with other users. Google Maps has made it possible to see satellite images, traffic data, and live feeds, making it an essential tool in travel planning, navigation and exploration.

With both desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps, it’s easy enough to drop pins with only a few simple clicks. Having read our step-by-step guide and used the tips and hints we offer you today, you will be able to get great profit out of this valuable instrument and develop your activity in this sphere considerably more.

In addition, firms can gain from the use of Google Maps in achieving great SEO provided by the most effective SEO company. Through this service, businesses are able to achieve top ranks on search result pages, appearing among leading firms in the target market with necessary data on business activities.

To conclude on that note, with its rich array of features and functionalities, Google Maps is an invaluable aid for someone interested in discovering the world. You, too, can drop pins on points of interest, build your own map, and share it with friends or colleagues.


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