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Be aware of the most powerful phishing attack

What is a phishing attack?

Phishing” is a trick to steal important and valuable information, in the form of a person’s username, password, credit card details, bank account details, or other important information in order to use or sell the stolen data of a person. most people know what is phishing and how it works, but many people easily still get caught.

In this blog, we will talk about the most common types of phishing and how it works. there are five types of phishing attacks.

Deceptive Phishing


This is the most common type of phishing scam. In this scam, the fraudster act like a legitimate company to steal your important information or log-in credential. acknowledging that fact the user should check or inspect the URLs carefully .they have to check whether they redirecting to the right website or not. they should also check the generic greetings, grammars mistakes, and spelling mistakes.

Spear Phishing

spear phishing

In this type of phishing, fraudsters customize emails with their target people’s name, Designation, company’s name, contact number, and other important details to trick the target person. the goal of this phishing is the same as deceptive phishing. There is no doubt that the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more are the most easily targets of these fraudsters. On social media sites, scammers can use your important details to craft a targeted attack email.

Whailing Phishing

phone attack

whaling phishing is also known as CEO fraud. In whaling phishing, scammers easily target anyone in a company or an organization. They could be a CEO or an Executive. These types of attacks work because employees usually don’t participate in the security awareness of the company or in an organization. If you want to get save yourself from these types of frauds security awareness it should be necessary and mandatory in all organizations.

Vishing Phishing

Vishing Feature

one of the common phishing attacks in which you receive calls from unknown numbers. In this scammers act like professionals and they tell you to give you personal details like your contact number, account details, identity details, and many more. To get protected against these types of attacks you need to be active and careful. Avoid calls from unknown numbers and don’t share your personal details with anyone.

Smishing Phishing

fishing attack

this is one of the easiest ways of phishing attacks. In this, you get SMS/text messages from unknown sources. Scammers can easily target the recipient .fraudsters use different methods to attack .only awareness can save you to get caught .whenever you get an SMS or message don’t reply to that don’t provide any useful information to that scammer.

How you can save yourself from these types of phishing attacks?

Awareness and participation insecurity is the only trick you can use to save yourself to get caught in these attack. whenever you receive any Emails, SMS or anything unidentified don’t reply to them, don’t pick any calls from unknown numbers, don’t provide your personal data like your account details, credit card details, any mail id, passwords, or any information which is useful to you. Awareness of these types of phishing attacks and participation in the security of the company or in an organization should be mandatory. This is the only way that you can save yourself.

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